Highway 17 North

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The Highway 17 North webcam is pointed westward towards the Magpie River from the Tourist Information Centre. This view highlights the top end of the Magpie River which has been flooded to a reservoir behind Scenic High Falls. The river flows downward to Steephill Falls Dam, located about 10km south on highway 17. Expect to see beautiful sunsets and approaching clouds and storms off Lake Superior.

The Magpie River flows along the western edge of the Magpie Terraces Conservation Reserve and has eroded a staircase of terraces with a total vertical relief of 60 meters. The river has continually carved a valley since the last recession of glacial ice about 9,500 years ago.

The Magpie River provides two great viewing opportunities at Scenic High and Silver Falls. These are favorites among visitors and locals alike. Scenic High Falls provides a full covered picnic pavilion and washrooms along with an interpretive trail from the bottom to the top of the Falls. The trail affords great views of the Magpie River gorge! Both Scenic High and Silver Falls connect to the Voyageur hiking trail.

10 Hour Loop

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