The Famous Wawa Goose

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The Wawa Goose webcam is your gateway to Wawa, Ontario Canada. The famous Wawa Goose sits beside the Tourist Information Centre at the edge of the Trans Canada Highway. From here you can access Wawa accommodations-including motels and bed and breakfasts, Wawa’s fly-in fishing lodges and learn about outdoor adventures in the Lake Superior and Algoma wilderness.

The Wawa Goose is made from thousands of tons of high-grade steel and was built to welcome the newly completed Trans Canada Highway in the 1960s. Highway 17 is now one of North America’s most scenic drives, a part of the spectacular Lake Superior Circle Tour. The awesome vistas of nearby Lake Superior Provincial Park are reason enough to add this drive to your life’s list-of-things-to-do.

The beautiful, red-roofed log building next to the Wawa Goose is the Tourist Information Centre. It’s a great source of information about Wawa motels and B&B accommodations along with Wawa restaurants and things to do in the Algoma region. In season, the Tourist Information Centre is staffed with helpful travel counselors who can answer your “where to stay?” and “what to do?” questions about Wawa and the Lake Superior East area.

Delve deeper into the resources at the Wawa Tourist Information Centre and you’ll learn how many Wawa Geese have actually adorned its nearby park—there have been quite a few incarnations of Wawa’s trademark! You’ll also learn more about the area’s rich past, including background on the name “Wawa.”

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