Crystal Clear Wawa Lake

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Wawa Lake is an angler’s initiation to some of the best fishing in the world. The Wawa Lake webcam overlooks this spring-fed, crystal clear gem. Watch ice fishers in the winter months landing trophy lake trout in the popular Wawa Ice Fishing Derby. In the summer, floatplanes take off to usher anglers to Wawa’s famous fly-in fishing lodges. This is your gateway to outdoor adventure.

The scenic expanse of Wawa Lake lies minutes from the town’s downtown core. The lake is one of the larger inland bodies in the water measuring 10 kilometres in length and about a kilometre wide. Wawa Lake is a great place to explore by snowmobile in the winter or swim, sea kayak and canoe in the summer. The sandy sweep of Wawa Beach is a wonderful spot to soak in the sun or stroll Wawa’s waterfront walkway.

The Wawa Lake web camera is your best source of up-to-the-minute ice conditions for snowmobilers and ice anglers. If you’re looking to explore Wawa’s thousands of kilometres of groomed snowmobile trails, check out snow conditions here. Trail report information can be found on the Wawa Tourist information website.

Within walking distance from Wawa Lake you will find a number of motels, great restaurants and Wawa snowmobile, ATV and boat services. Expect friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff with a love for the Wawa area.

10 Hour Loop

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